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Can NutriBlasts cause ileostomy blockage?

My husband just started the nutriblst drink. He has an iliostomy and 5 hrs after the drink he had symptoms of a blockage. Could the drink cause this?

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5 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

I have not heard of this happening before. Liquified drinks are normally safe, but each person is unique so I cannot say for sure what the cause might have been. It is advised to eat small mouthfuls and to gradually introduce new fibrous foods. Some of the following foods have been causes for blockages, but if they are pulverized, they should be fine to consume:

Celery, nuts, coconut, mushrooms, sweetcorn, cucumbers, oranges, apple and pear peelings, bak choy and other Chinese leaves, seeds, pineapple, pickles, olives, dried fruit, some of the sturdier leafy greens.

Please consult the Dr. and be sure to stick with dietary recommendations that were given.

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