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Any tips for hitting a plateau with my weight loss?

Krista: Is there any access to note card size handouts regarding the NutriBullet? I could probably hand out 5 to 10 a day when people ask about my weight loss. Quick story, I lost 70 pounds in 90 days and have been taken off prescription medication for cholesterol and arthritis. All of these by using the NutriBullet since January 3rd. Lots of positive stories to tell and even had to share with a group of nurses during my last visit to the doctor. I still continue to want to lose but have a plateau currently at 75 pounds for a few weeks. Any ideas about how to get off the plateau? Anyway, let me know about some type of handout (small) and the plateau.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Hey there Matt! Congratulations on your weight loss. We appreciate you passing the word along about the amazing benefits of the NutriBullet. Sorry to say, we don't have small handouts, but your word of mouth and directing them to our website and facebook page will provide some great info and more testimonials. Regarding a plateau...this is inevitable - as we reach closer to our "set-point" weight, it's harder to lose since our bodies are naturally designed to hold onto weight when it starts to see that it's getting closer to that minimum. This might mean that you've reached your ideal weight - or it may just mean it's time to switch it up a bit and take it to the next level (possibly increasing time or intensity of your exercises or looking at your overall diet and either adding in some calories if you're too low or reducing calories if you're too high). Check out the links I provided in this forum post here for some tips: Let me know after you read these if you still have any questions or are confused or overwhelmed. Keep Blasting and be patient. You're weight loss was very rapid at the start so it's a good thing it has slowed a bit - this means it is more likely to stay off!!

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