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How can I keep my potassium low?

Started drinking blasts once daily and had great results with my blood sugar.  However, my potassium became elevated.  I never had an issue with my potassium levels before.  I know this because I have my lab work done every 3 months.  I knew it had to be the blasts so I stopped them for 2 weeks and had my lab work redone and my potassium returned to normal.  I guess it was the daily dose of spinach or kale and pieces of banana (not a whole banana daily) that I was using in my blasts.  What are some alternate recipes I can try with similar taste to what I was doing that will not raise my potassium.  Also, how occasional should I have blasts with spinach, kale or banana so as not to raise my potassium.  I miss those daily blasts and the good effects that they had on my blood sugar, but I am now very concerned about my potassium level.

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Excess potassium in the blood may be due to a kidney issue. Please discuss this further with your primary healthcare provider. For some good dietary recommendations plus more info on elevated potassium levels, please see this link here: Not to frighten you by the link, but it's a good resource for potassium amounts in certain foods:

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I cannot have bananas due to metformin pills, what can I substitute?
Trying using pears, avocados or mango as a great substitute.

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