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Which foods help improve chronic acne and cysts?

I was curious if you knew of any of the top foods that help improve skin condition and remove chronic acne? I also frequently gets topical cysts on my skin and was wondering if those are caused by a deficiency in my diet of a particular vitamin? Thank You.

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Sarah has a beautiful answer with information about acne here:

Regarding topical cysts - these are not usually caused by nutritional deficiencies, but more so common for those who suffer from acne, blockage of oil or sebaceous glands, excessive testosterone production, swollen hair follicles, skin trauma, exposure to sun, waxing and shaving. However there are some natural remedies that may be worth looking further into...

Topical tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar along with consuming aloe vera juice and turmeric. Also, check out these two links here:

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