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Can I put uncooked oatmeal in my NutriBullet?

Is it ok to put uncooked oatmeal in the nutribullet and consequently consume it in its raw state? I tried it just now with plain Greek yogurt, algave syrup, banana, almond milk, goji berries and some nuts/seeds. It was quite tasty but a little thick. It's just that I read you shouldn't eat oatmeal raw and uncooked. Thank you!

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

It is fine to eat rolled oats or instant oats uncooked as these have actually been steamed prior to being rolled/processed. However it you get an upset stomach then be sure to cook them. Other types of oats like Irish or steel cut or oat groats (and all other grains) should be cooked, sprouted or milled into flours before consuming. Just like oatmeal soaks up the water it is cooked with - this high soluble fiber grain will soak up the liquid in a NutriBlast and cause it to thicken. Makes it much more filling!

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