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How can I cure fibroids?

I am 38 years old, single and I live in Nigeria. My friend introduced me to nutribullet and I got one for myself. Please I need a recipe for the fruits and veggies I can used for the cure of fibroids that I can easily get in Nigeria.

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4 years ago

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Certainly you have a medical condition and need to discuss any changes or new protocols you may wish to use with your Dr. That being said, It has been known for many years that a relationship between Thyroid function and sexual hormones and fibroids is very close. Iodine is critical for the balance of the thyroid and the making of these hormones. When hormones get out of balance many things can happen and one of those is the making of fibroids is female reproductive tissues. Iodine has in many cases reduced the size of fibroids and even reversed the condition. So in your case I think its worth talking to your doctor about taking Iodine. These links will give you a lot more info about iodine and fibroids. This is a link to a discussion group about iodine and fibroids that I think you may find interesting. Foods rich in iodine include iodized salt and seaweeds!

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