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What are some simple recipes for hypothyroidism?

I have Hypothyroidism. I am wanting to know a recipe simple and quick that I may take with my nutribullet.  I have a rare case of hypothyroidism.  Though hypothyroidism is known to make individuals have a hard time losing weight, my results are quite the opposite in which I cannot gain the weight.  What specifically do you recommend for someone like me with these two specific problems.  I am taking levothyroxin but am trying to eventually get off of this and fix the underlying problem of what is attacking my thyroid glands.

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Without knowing your health history and other medical information, I can only provide general thyroid health suggestions. Please check with your endocrinologist/Dr. before starting anything new.
A few resources we have for thyroid and weight gain are:

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