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What recipes can you suggest for menstrual cycles?

It seems that my belly can be sensitive to raw foods...for example my stomach gets upset if I eat too much raw broccoli.  My system is especially sensitive during my monthly cycle (when I experience severe cramps that require ibuprofen).  I've seen some posts about how women have healed issues experienced during the monthly cycle but I haven't seen any specific recipes listed yet.  I'd love to eliminate the ibuprofen I currently have to take every month.  Are there particular foods I should avoid or eat more of as my system gets used to eating more raw foods and are there any particular recipes you can recommend to aid in a woman's cycle?

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Hey there! As you know each person is unique and what might affect you one way, may not bother someone else. Therefore, some general suggestions to experiment can be found in these two articles. I hope they help!

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