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When should I add chia gel to my Blast?

Hello! I have learned so much about the benefits of chia seeds and chia gel. When using chia gel in my NutriBlast, should I add it at the beginning and extractor blade or should I wait and stir it in at the end to preserve the gel consistency? Which works better for achieving the best nutritious results? Thanks.

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5 years ago

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The chia gel is actually just chia seeds that have been soaked in a liquid. You will get the same reaction if you put chia seeds in a NutriBlast and allow it to sit for a little while. This is why the NutriBlast gets thicker when you use chia seeds.

That being said. You can add the gel in either before or after - the same benefits will be achieved either way! If using plain chia seeds, add those before Blasting so it gives them time to gelatinize.
I didn't know they made chia gel! Thanks for sharing this in the forum! :)
I had been adding chia seeds directly to my blasts but now I let the seeds soak in liquid for about 10 minutes before I blast. It really thickens up the blast and I love it for my fruity dessert blasts. It can get really thick though if you let it sit around!!

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