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Are there recipes for parasthesia related to menopause?

I have had several medical test with no answers to why I am experiencing extreme parasthesia.  I have read it can be caused by Menopause.  I am experiencing extreme tingling in my hands and feet mainly.  My skin is hypersensitive as well.  My levels for B12 has been checked and okay. I have other Menopause symptoms as well as far as insomnia and night sweats but the tingling in my extremities is the most bothersome.

Please help if you can!  I need recipes!!!

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4 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Since this condition could stem from various causes, it is hard to give specific recommendations. In addition to menopause it could be from poor circulation, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalance (thyroid), mercury overload plus others. For some general info on these and some of the other menopause and sleep tips, check out these links:

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