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Can I add ingredients like sunflower and flax seeds, maca and cayenne?

My question is regarding ingredients that I bought but that so far have not used because they do not appear as part of recipes; ingredients like sunflower seeds, maca, flax seed and cayene, etc so I want to know if I can add them to any recipe and if so how much of it?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

You can definitely add them to any recipe. For amount use your best don't want too much cayenne - this stuff is hot! For seeds I'd suggest a maybe 1- 2 Tbsp and for maca, start with about 1/4 tsp and work up from there!

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I am having a hard time finding cherries for quite a few recipes I would like to try. Is it ok to use dried cherries until fresh ones come back??
If you used dried, then I suggest reducing the portion to only 1/8 cup. When dried they are more calorically dense and it also packs in the sugar. One quarter cup has 130 calories and 25g of sugar!! My suggestion would be to either switch up the fruit you use (try dark red and purple berries) or try to find a tart cherry juice (very anti-inflammatory) and use a tiny bit to reap the benefits!

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