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What is a good Blast for someone with liver cancer?

What is a good energy drink for someone diagnosed with Liver Cancer and is also anemic?

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4 years ago

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We are not able to give specific medical advice, but we can give you general recommendations. Including foods that are high in antioxidants have been known to help the body clear harmful cells that can cause or promote cancer. Pretty much all plant-based foods contain antioxidants. There are some higher than others. Here's a research study plus two other resources that show the antioxidant content of various foods. You'll notice some numbers might be different since there are many variable that contribute to the antioxidant content of foods (where they are grown, stage of ripeness, processing, exposure to heat/light/air, etc.) Combining iron rich foods with citrus foods can help maximize absorption of iron. High iron foods include pumpkin seeds, dark leafy greens, eggs yolks, dried fruit, beans and fortified cereals.

4 years ago

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