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Are foods still "negative calorie" after they're Blasted?

My name is Danielle I am new to Blasting.  I have had the NutriBlast for two weeks, I added this to my diet intake as a breakfast since I typically don't eat anything in the mornings.  I am following the recipes and I am loving it!!  Especially this morning when I added a 1/4 of a lemon :-)  I'm getting a little creative. My thoughts have wandered to the body's natural ability to break down foods; such as the grapefruit, apples, beets, brocholi, and such . .  the negative calorie foods . . . if the Nutriblast is breaking these down are we still having the same benefit?  Is the body still expending energy/calories to break these foods down? Second question:  What about making a blast in the mornng and putting it in the fridge for evening consumption?  What are your thoughts on this?  Pros . . . cons? Please, don't misunderstand me I am recieving an abundance of benefits from blasting but just wondered about I guess you could call it the micro? Thank you in advance for all your advice.

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4 years ago

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Hello Danielle! I'm glad you're enjoying Blasting and the benefits of blasting :) First I wanted to clarify that there is no such thing as a "negative calorie food"! I'm not sure where or when this started, but unfortunately our bodies don't expend more calories to burn a food than the food provides. There are super low calorie foods that when compared to what our body burns just to stay alive (our basil metabolic rate), seem so minuscule that they may not count them (celery comes to mind on this one!) The way the NutriBullet helps is that it increases the surface area of our foods - making food particles much smaller than if you'd chew them. This allows enzymes to attach at more sites and can help improve the digestion and absorption of the nutrients. As far as making a Blast in advance. Check out our FAQ#12 here:

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