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Should I use the peels in my nutriblasts?

This might sound stupid, but I always hear the peelings are the healthiest. When using 1/4 lemon; do you squeeze the juice from 1/4 lemon or use the whole 1/4 lemon?

What is a substitute for almond milk?

I have celiac disease and it is difficult to have lunch at work and quick meals. I am looking forward to being healthy and losing weight. I need ideas.... thanks in advance.

Any tips and suggestions would be wonderful.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Here's a prep chart: The lemon peel does have some benefits, however it tends to make for a sour Blast. Maybe add a little lemon zest instead! Feel free to make substitutions for any of the ingredients. In place of almond milk, try coconut milk, hemp milk, coconut water, filtered water, chilled brewed green tea, rice milk or any other non carbonated chilled beverage.

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