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Can the NutriBullet Rx pulverize seeds and nuts enough for them to be safe to consume for someone with Diverticulitis?

We purchased the original Nutribullet for our mother two years ago and she has since been diagnosed with Diverticulitis and is afraid to eat certain foods. She has used her Nutribullet to mill some items but does not use her machine as often as we would like.

My wife and I immediately purchased the Nutribullet Rx when it came out and have been promoting it frequently to friends and family. What I would like to know is, since the Rx has so much more power and really breaks down the food in each Blast, is it safe for my mother to use because of the diverticulitis?

She would love to be able to eat some of the foods again that have seeds which are typically restricted in her diet. Is there any proof that the Nutribullet Rx can pulverize the seeds and nuts enough for them to be safe to consume? Are there any suggestions that can help in regards to making blasts?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Most of our recipes are filled with good sources of fiber which helps keep things moving along to help prevent flare-ups. However, each person is different so I cannot say for certain which may be best for you. During flare-ups it is suggested to avoid high fiber until it subsides. It was once thought that nuts and seeds may disturb the gut lining, however we are finding that these are ok to consume if they are NOT a trigger for you (the NutriBullet is able to pulverize them so that they may be less irritating however this hasn't been tested in those with diverticulitis). In addition, any condition ending in -itis means inflammation so my suggestion would be to choose ingredients that will help keep inflammation down. Check these out:

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