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How can I reduce the amount of bloating and gas that I have after Blasting?

I have been using the NutriBullet for 1 month and I've had additional gas problems with burping and passing gas. Prior to starting Blasting I did not have excessive gas . Will this condition pass or is this normal when starting this program? I'm doing 1 blast a day, with spinach or kale, bananas, blackberries, greek yogurt, carrots, strawberries and almonds or walnuts & adding water. These are the ingredients that I alternate mixing.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

This usually happens when you introduce more fiber into your diet too quickly. I would suggest slowly increasing it. There are also other reasons this may be happening. Ensure you are getting plenty of healthy probiotics to keep your digestive system at its peak. And check out his article for more tips!

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