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Do you have a diet to follow, or how many times can I drink NutriBlasts?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

You are more than welcome to Blast away; it’s a great way to get a large amount of nutritious foods into your diet! Two NutriBlasts are recommended in our 6-Week Transformation Plan (this plan is in the user guide and the Natural Healing Foods book) only as a suggestion for meal replacements at breakfast and lunch. NutriBlasts may also make a great addition to your current meal plan. If you are planning on only drinking NutriBlasts, be sure your Blasts contain all of the essential nutrients – carbs, proteins and fats – to meet your daily nutrient requirements. Be sure to speak to your doctor or nutrition professional before starting on a NutriBlast-only plan.
We also have a great 5 Day Plan here:

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