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Can you grind dry almonds in the NutriBullet Rx?

Can the NutriBullet Rx be used for grinding nuts?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

You can put nuts into the NutriBullet Rx, but the power turns it more into a nut butter vs. a powder.

To make nut butter, add in your peanuts, almonds or whatever nut you decide to use - you may need to add a little bit of oil to get it started. Pulse a few times and scrape down the sides as needed. It will appear like a powder at first - continue to blend until it becomes smooth - a few scrapings of the side and tapping on the cup to move the butter down to the blade will surely be helpful. Keep at it b/c it is well worth the time to have fresh nut butter! Peanuts are softer than almonds so usually are easier to use.

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