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What can I do to help with symptoms of fibromyalgia?

As I said I have fibromaliga very bad. I also have 22 pieces of metal in my Lumbar 3-5 area (s1-L3,4,&5) so
It's of leg pain and only my R leg swell up I get +3 potted edema . So really do the recipes with no changes. But some of them are a bit bitter can I add honey to help wth the taste . And I also may be putting to much ingredients in there is there a video on how to do this so I don't ruin my machine? Thanks Pam

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Here's a video where Sarah builds a NutriBlast - it'll show you how we do it here!

Regarding fibromyalgia:

Pain and inflammation:

To help mask the bitter taste of certain veggies, try adding lemon juice, banana, cinnamon, or an apple (core and seeds removed).

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