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Can you help me get started? I need to lose weight.

i am 100 pounds overweight. I don't know how to eat or shop. How do I change my life?
if I don't lose this weight, I'm going to die. I'm looking on the web but can't find what types of food to eat. I need help.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Making small simple changes can lead to big results. Here's a good place to start:

We have a ton of great recipes on this website. Start by using a NutriBlast in place of one meal and then go from there. We also have a 6-week Transformation Plan that you can follow. It is located in your User Guide and Recipe book.

Community Answers

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Krista, I have looked high and low fpr the 6 week Transformation Plan and have not come across it. PLEASE HELP!! :)
It's located in the NutriBullet Natural Healing Foods book. It's very detailed. (This book did not come with my NutriBullet Pro....)
November 16, 2015
I have been using mummy magic weight loss tea which shed my 35 pounds weight within 8 weeks.

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