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How should I start using the Nutribullet without aggravating my acid reflux?

Good Evening. As a new member, I have been reading...reading....reading everything. I have been hesitant to start the NutriBlast because of my acid reflux. I am presently taking Prilosec once every morning and the acid reflux is under control. I am even more hesitant because of reading all the comments above concerning nausea and vomiting and problems with gas. I don't want to upset the digestive system but I do want to eventually get off the medication and heal my digestive system. I am so very excited about the possibilities but I guess I need to get some support for some of my first recipes to avoid digestive system problems. I will also probably start with the small cup. I don't think it will be very smart of me to start with the tall cup. Also, should I start with the Toxin Cleansing Blast. I have prayed and believe this journey will be a blessing. I am also working on lowering my cholesterol and strengthening my bones. I believe with the destructive medications out there for my areas of concern will possibly correct the problem but the lasting side effects will be devastating. If I can improve my health this way, then I am ready to start. Thank you in advance for all your support because I know this was God sent.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Each person is unique so I am not sure what might be your triggers, however this might be a good place for you to start!

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