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Do you have a meal plan?

Hi I would like to blast twice a day and eat a meal once a day. Which 2 meals would you recommend?I am blasting for general health and energy. What would you recommend as the ideal amount of blasts and the ideal amount of meals? I have been enjoying the blasts for about 2 months now and feel great. For a long term program and overall health how many blasts should I be doing and for which meals of the day?

Thank you for all your great information and a really wonderful product.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

I suggest taking a look at the Six Week Transformation Plan that comes in your user guide and recipe book -this outlines some great recipes and a progression from one to two Blasts a day.
You can also find some great meal options as well as Blast recipes in our 5-Day Cleanse here:

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