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What are some recipes you can recommend for a beginner?

Would be great to get a starter weeks recipes with overlapping ingredients to save groceries cost. Excited to get started with my nutribullet and trying to put together a grocery shopping list for week one of daily use. I am single and don't want fresh fruits and vegetables to go to waste and yet want variety.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Here are some great recipes for beginners:

What I would recommend is to purchase a bag of mixed frozen berries, mangos, and a small container of spring leafy greens. You may also have a couple of seeds and nuts such as flax seeds and almonds. Then you can start with almond milk or coconut water.

This way you can use the berries or mangos with your spring mix then add in either your flax seed or almonds. This can give you about 6 combinations. Dry either with water or coconut water for different taste profile as well.

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