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Why should I buy SuperFood SuperBoost product if you can get them in a health food store? Chia, maca, etc...

just wondering

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

That's a great question. Our products are sourced from the highest quality of ingredients and they are tested for any contaminants like lead. We know the source of our ingredients as well.

While most of the products like chia and maca can be purchased at any health food store or in the bulk section of your grocery store, you are buying them from us because of the quality rather than the ingredient itself. Nutrition content of the ingredients should be about the same.

Thank you for your response. Soe peole say the product meca give them a stomach ache. What is that exactly?

3 years ago

Thank you for your response. Some people say the product maca gives them a stomach aches

3 years ago

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