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I'm on the Every Other Day Diet and am using the NutriBullet. Recommended Blasts under 100 calories?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

100 calorie recipes are not clearly listed on the website. This is the guideline that can turn any recipe into approximately 100 calories.

1 serving of vegetable (1 cup raw) = 25 calories
1 serving of fruit (1/2 cup cut or 1 small) = 60 calories
1 serving dairy depends on the product (soy, almond, cashew) between 60 to 80 calories for 8 fl oz
1 serving of seeds also vary so please read the label.

You can has much as 1 serving vegetable (25 calories), 1/4 cup fruit (30 calories), 6 fl oz dairy (45 calories) = 100 calories

Thanks, Gigi!

3 years ago

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