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I can't lose my last 20 pounds, any suggestions for weight loss?

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Check out some of our weight loss tips by searching for "weight loss" in the search bar. Here are two to help get you started. Focusing on diet can hopefully help you get over your plateau. They say weight loss is about 80% diet 20% exercise.

Community Answers

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You need to make a proper diet plan according to your goal.
Have you also been exercising during your weight loss? Remember, muscle weighs MORE than fat, BUT it looks better. And the more muscles TONE you have the more calories you burn ALL DAY LONG. If diet changes have still left you with those last few pounds (and those puppies are the most stubborn animals to contend with) step up your cardio portion in your workout and grab a few free weights. You won't end up looking bulky or hulky. It will just ramp up your metabolism and help tame the "Beast 20"
Drink plenty of water, do some walk, avoid junk and take mummy magic weight loss tea. You'll shed all your extra weight and body fat within a few weeks.
Where do I get mummy magic loss tea?
The Starch Solution
Dr. John McDougall
Dr. John Mcdougall
The Starch Solution

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