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How fast should I expect to lose weight using the diet provided by NutriBullet?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Weight loss is very different for each person. Depending on your metabolism, your genetics, and your lifestyle, the weight can come off as quickly or it is a game of patience. We would suggest losing no more than 2lb per week if you have more 30 pounds to lose. Studies have shown that people who lose 2lb per week are more likely to sustain the weight loss. There are individuals with significant amount of weight loss (more than 50lb), can experience significant weight loss in the first few weeks like 6lb or more. However they also level off and do not experience the same weight loss throughout their journey.

Weight loss is a committed lifestyle where you provide adequate nutrients and calories to your body. As long as you are eating a healthy, clean diet, you are sure to experience progress.

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