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What is non-GMO dextrose?

And should I avoid it? Alot of products have it. I found Coco Hydro coconut water electrolytes vegan, gluten free, plant based to make coconut water. Its cheaper and lasts longer.
And it also has citric acid and ionic trace minerals listed in the ingredients.

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

GMO is how the seeds were modified. Dextrose is sugar. Non-GMO is a great option however research has not clearly shown to be better than GMO. There is evidence on both sides. This is your choice as a consumer to make. Dextrose often comes from plants but provides sweetness. As with all sugars, consume in moderation.

Thank you. I eventually found an article in the nutriliving site and educated myself on GMO and alot of other useful info as I go. U all are the best, keep up the good work

2 years ago

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