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Are there any blasts that I can take for muscle back spasms?

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3 years ago

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Without knowing much about your diet or lifestyle or how long they have been going on or medications you may be taking I can only make general suggestions.
Most muscle cramps are caused from a lack of magnesium in the diet. Next would be potassium and then sodium if you are an athlete or sweat profusely.
Also the lack of water, being dehydrated can cause muscle cramping. Coconut water is a great source of magnesium and potassium.
Rice bran, pumpkin seeds, raw cocoa, black strap molasses, dark chocolate, leafy greens, beans and nuts and seeds are very good sources of these minerals.
You can supplement with additional 250 to 500 mgs per day of magnesium to get you over the hump until your diet can take care of it. The DRI for magnesium is 400 mgs per day however realistically most people need twice that amount.I would not supplement with extra potassium unless advised by your doctor.
Please discuss specifics for you with your Dr.
Thank you very much for your input. Warmest Regards, Catie

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