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Are there any Blasts to help with ankle swelling?

I get ankle swelling from standing long periods or from heat. I do wear proper compression socks and also low sodium diet. I have looked all over this site for any blast ideas and all lead to seeing a doctor. I already see one but they of course will not tell me other than using drugs how to help my occassional swelling. So my question is IF I chose to try a blast is there one you recommend or which ingredients should one contain to help

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Your best bet is to include foods that are anti-inflammatory and/or act as a diuretic. It will depend on if the swelling is due to inflammation or water retention.
Here's two links to get you started:

thank you for your help. I have deep vein thrombosis and have been treated with laser etc as I have poor circulation. Typically when hot I swell up more than other times. I take all the precautions but I wanted to blast to feed my body the right nutrients which would help with overall circulation . thank you!! ill try these

3 years ago

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