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Do you recommend the same amount of two Blasts a day for me at 130 pounds as for a larger person?

I only consume small meals, and am full after drinking one glassful of the two one blast produces, so it takes two 15 minute periods a day to consume one blast. If I add water, there would be more to consume. But I want to fully experience all benefits that I can from extracting, so wonder whether to try to push it to two blasts per day.

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3 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

A larger person would require more total daily calories so this would vary. Your best bet is to look at the total food intake for you in a day, see how many calories that is and then decide from there on how much each Blast should contain. Another important detail is how you feel, it's never a good idea to force yourself to finish a meal. If it's too much, maybe divide your Blast into two servings, make your Blast recipes less filling/caloric or modify what you eat outside of Blasting.

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