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Can you substitute a mixture of yogurt and coconut water to replace a fresh coconut in the candida fighting soup?

I can't get hold of the fresh coconut David uses in the video to demonstrate the candida fighting soup recipe, so as live yogurt contains good bacteria already, could it be mixed with store-bought coconut water and used as a substitute liquid in the soup. Would it have the same of any benefit?

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3 years ago

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Coconut meat and coconut water have similar but different properties. The coconut meat is a good source of fiber and fats while the coconut water does not have them but possess great nutrients to keep you hydrated. You may want to substitute fresh coconut meat with unsweetened coconut flakes ( a dried form of coconut meat).
Hi Gigi, thanks so much for getting back to me. I realise now I didn't explain myself very well. David used juice from a fresh coconut and mixed it with probiotic powder so I meant to ask, can I substitute yogurt for the probiotic powder and mix it with cococut juice. I currently have a prolapsed bowel and consuming the blasts supports my intestinal transit whilst I await a repair. I have 2-3blasts a day and I love them. I trained as a chef so recognise the value of healthy eating and eat a lot of fruit of veg anyway, but I need the extra fibre/fluid/nutrient combo the blasts provide. I didn't have any problems adjusting to the blasts because I eat lots of fruit and veg anyway. People don't tend to believe when you say you can see improvements but the skin on my face is more elastic and plumped-up and less lined which is quite a significant result for someone over 60. It's true we are what we eat and most people eat what they've been brought up on or adopt bad habits along the way without the knowing they're not doing what's good for themselves. I hope more people hear about Nutribullet because it cojuld be the first step in becoming more aware of what your body needs to be healthy and happy and becoming responsible for your own good-health.

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