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I am allergic to bananas. What are other substitutes?

I notice afew posts where people have multiple allergies and the answer was "Avocados, pears, mangos, nuts, rolled oats can all be great substitutes for bananas". Mine is only bananas. I tried them again in a NutriBullet after a lifetime of avoidance and was rewarded with violent sickness and diarrhoea ( normal reaction to bananas).
I know they are high in potassium as well as other goodness - so many recipes list bananas - what can I use instead to get the same effect as the original recipe?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

For texture, you can add oats, avocados, or yogurt to increase thickness. For potassium, you can consume beans, apricots, dates and other foods found on our website to increase the nutrient value:

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