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What would you recommend for a Pre-diabetic?

I was recently Diagnosed prediabetic Aic of 262, Bad cholesterol is ok good Cholesterol is below My it needs to be. I need some advice on what I should and shouldnt eat and what blasts will Help Me. Thanks. POs Im vitamin D and B12 difecient.

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Here's a great start:
You can also check out the recommendations we have for diabetics:

Regarding your other questions. I suggest you get with a personal RD in your area so she can get a good overall view of your health history and provide specific recommendations on supplements and foods for any nutrient deficiencies. You can find one in your area (one that even specializes in diabetes) from this link here:
Vitamin D and B12 are in mostly animal-based foods or fortified foods. He/she may suggest vitamin supplements.

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