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Do you have any suggestions to relieve some pain related to bursitis in hips

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Bursitis can be alleviated with anti-inflammatory and rest. There are a few recipes that can be help with inflammation found here:

In general, there is no cure with food alone that can help bursitis.

Community Answers

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" can use a number of natural cures to relieve bursitis pain, including castor oil, ginger, and white willow bark." For details and explanation see
Don't forget to check out the tips for treating bursitis naturally from other readers, as these are from personal experience and thus are often more helpful than an original article!
I would add we are inflamed and dehydrated beings......decrease cause of inflammation, eat anti inflammatory foods, drink large amounts of Ionized Alkaline Water which is anti inflammatory by nature.

Avoid acidic foods and bottled or Reverse Osmosis water which are ALL acidic, yet the bottled water industry is making a killing marketing health benefits of drinking water.....but not there water.

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