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How do I make my Blast more palatable?

I've tried using spinach in my shakes, but it always makes it taste bad. I've tried putting sweeter fruits to cancel the taste with no luck. I want to continue having my two a day shakes, but I'm trying to find a recipe that taste good and healthy for me. My tastebuds have been compromised from my MS, so eating healthy has been difficult since a lot of foods I used to love don't taste good to me anymore. Help!!
& I need suggestions of veggies other than spinach

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

You can always try to add some fresh lemon juice. It helps cut any "greens" flavor or bitterness. I also like to add cinnamon. Perhaps you'd like to use Romaine lettuce to help you get used to the greens. Over time your taste buds most likely will change and adapt to liking more veggies.

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