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Making a smoothie with all of this stuff does what?

Swiss chard kale half banana 8 grape 4 grape tomatoes pineapple 5 chunks 4frozen chunks of pinapple 4 frozen chunks of papaya mango strawberry blueberry blackberry 1/4 grapefruit 1/4 apple lemonade limeade Orange juice ????

1 Answer
2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Looks like you have some great ingredients in there! Papaya and mango are great for digestion as they contain bromelain and papain (digestive enzymes). Kale and Swiss chard are cleansing and the berries are high in antioxidants! A bit of fresh OJ is good, however a lot of juices contain way too much sugar. Maybe cut it with some water.

Ok thanks Krista I love this nutri bullet900

2 years ago

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