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Do you have any NutriLiving Nutrition plans?

I have an RX and need to get started on a plan, did my score card, have my number, now the number of servings is that every day, also a plan, can't go cold turkey, i'm sure that would cause problems down the road, if you know what i mean.

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

The Nutrition Health Quiz give you a good overview of what types of foods you may want to pay attention to - one's your body might need. The recommendation is for each day. Ex if you scored highest on orange, then you may need an immunity boost.
At this time we don't have specific meal plans for each health concern, however this website contains many recipes. You can find appropriate ones just by using the search function.
We do have our Cleanse from last year that we will be doing again in January - this is a 5 day reset.
We also have the 6 Week Transformation Plan that is outlined in the Natural Healing Foods Book.

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