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Why do some recipes say they can only be made in the Magic Bullet?

I have a nutribullet pro 900, and would like to try to recipes that aren't smoothies/blasts, but many of the others I look at say they can only be made in the magic bullet. Can I use my nutribullet for any recipe?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

We are slowly bringing in all of our kitchen tools to NutriLiving. Some are made with the Magic Bullet in mind, but may be able to be used in the NutriBullet depending on what it is. The NutriBullet is best used for NutriBlast smoothies while the Magic Bullet is more for chopping, mincing, and blending less dense ingredients.

Ok, thank you. So it wouldn't necessarily hurt my NutriBullet if I tried a recipe that it wasn't listed for? That was my main concern.

2 years ago

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