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What is coconut flak?

i did a google search, but i could not find what it was, only that it was not a typo. not coconut flakes. i know what those are. what is coconut FLAK?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

To be honest, you've got me stumped on that one. I have never heard of a coconut flak. Coconut flake yes, but not flak.

it's in some of the recipes. maybe it's a typo? i googled it. i did find a few references to it, but not what it actually is. weird. maybe check those recipes and change the word if it is a typo.

2 years ago

i just figured out the problem. it is a typo. it appears several times on the iphone app. but the same recipe on the website says "flakes". you might want to make the app developers aware of this. thanks.

2 years ago

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