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Can I eat fruit and/or nuts along with my Blast?

or should I abstain from eating for the most benefit or should I drink my blasts and wait an hour to eat anything. Also what can I eat with my blasts ( if eating is ok). I ask because my vitamins say I should take them with food. Thanks.

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

This depends on your health goal. If Blasting for weight loss you will want to be mindful of the total amount of calories consumed (Blast and additional foods combined). It is fine to save some that you would have added to your Blast to eat on the side if you'd like something to chew. A Blast is technically still food...just in liquid form so taking your vitamins with a Blast should be fine (since I am not sure exactly what type of vitamins you are taking just double check w/ your Dr.). For weight loss I'd advise against added fruit outside of Blasting.

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