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What's a Good Blast for Skin Disorders?

I've been watching the video "What's a Good Blast for Skin Disorders?" by David Wolfe but it doesn't give an amounts and I can't find it anywhere. Can you tell me the amounts for reishi mushrooms, hemp seed and milk thistle seed powder?

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

David usually does his own recipes so we do not have the exact measurements. I'd follow him on the video and use the same amount that he demonstrates. For seeds, typically we suggest 1 Tbsp. The superfoods are a bit unique so I'd see what he suggests on the video.

David doesn't say on his video or at least I don't hear it. If you can, please let me know I don't see the recipe on your webpage or his. I don't want to overdo or underdo the amounts.

2 years ago

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