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How many days do I need to detox and what will help boost weight loss?

I had my nutribullet since 11242015 my birthday I feel great but how many days do i detox and then how many days for a weight loss one I'm a athlete and need to be more lean for swimming and basketball 240 6'1" I'm trying to get 220 then 200 if I can I'm really muscular

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3 years ago

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Everyone can benefit from cleaning up their diet, especially those who tend to start off with a less than stellar diet. We don't promote starvation detoxes (and recommend visiting a healthcare provider for medical detoxes), but encourage a reboot every now and then. Here's our latest 5 day cleanse:

Regarding weight loss...
Eating more veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes with fewer packaged foods and sugar are key. Here are our top 10 recipes for weight loss. They are low in sugar and higher in protein:
We've had several people lose weight by substituting a NutriBlast in place of a meal. When using as a meal replacement, add in some protein and healthy fats to make it a complete meal.
In addition, the fiber along with the added protein and healthy fat helps keep blood sugar levels more stable...this in turn can lead to sustained energy!
For more weight loss tips and recipes, check out this link:

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