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What is the difference between "serves" and "servings"

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

On each of our recipes, you will see "serves" and "servings". These terms tell us how much one recipe makes essentially. The terms are more or less one and the same.

"Serves" and "servings" means that one recipe (in this context) can make a Blast for x amount of Blasts that is the recommended volume. So if we recommend that one blast is about 24 fl oz, and the recipes serves 2, that means that it would make a total of 48 fl oz (24 x 2). You can choose to consume all by yourself or split it up.

Our nutrition label, when available, are based on how many servings or how much one serves. So if you again consume 2 servings of one blast recipe, you need to multiply the calories and nutrition information on the label by 2.

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