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If I am having a lot of bowel movements could that mean I am Blasting too much?

I am currently taking 1 a day split up into 2. but by the end of the day I am going #2 a lot and wiping becomes painful and starts causing burning. Or maybe am I choosing the wrong recipes. I am trying to get my health back on track the natural way am sick of diets and am 223lbs. I don't currently have any other health issues.

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3 years ago

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If you are new to Blasting and you are not used to consuming that much fiber then yes, it could give your digestive system a bit of a shock. Try cutting back a bit then slowly increase.

If you've been Blasting a while...For diarrhea, soluble fiber would be best to focus on vs. insoluble fiber. This will help slow the movement of foods through the digestive tract.

Furthermore, the timing of fiber intake can play a role in managing symptoms. For people prone to urgent, loose bowels in the morning specifically, limiting insoluble-rich foods like salads at dinner and including a soluble-rich veggie (squash, skinless sweet potato), cooked grain (rice, pearled barley, quinoa) and/or soluble fiber supplement (Psyllium) can help smoothe out choppy morning bowel patterns.

If symptoms tend to occur in the afternoon or evening, having a super-soluble breakfast (like oatmeal, chia seeds and banana) can help keep things flowing smoothly later on in the day.

Also, make sure there are no ingredients you've included that you may be intolerant to. Example...if using milk and are intolerant to dairy then omit the milk and use an alternative non-dairy liquid.

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