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What is a good pre-workout smoothie and post-workout smoothie for boxing training?

Looking for a way to recommend pre-workout smoothie and post-workout smoothie into diet for kids and adults attending my boxing gym.

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2 years ago

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Focus on ensuring all participants are hydrated before starting their workout. This will help ensure clients are able to perform and keep up levels of endurance throughout the workout.

•Pre-workout - focus on getting an adequate amount of quick digesting carbohydrates 30 minutes before the workout. This could be a piece of fruit, lara bar, a sports drink or a Blast. When building a Blast, focus on quick digesting, higher glycemic fruits. Here are some great pre-workout recipes I would suggest for your gym goers -

Make sure you use the Short cup for these Blasts, aiming for about 12-16 ounces per Blast, more than that close to a workout may be too much for the stomach to handle.

•Post workout - focus on replenishing lost stores of carbs and protein, finding a Blast with substantial foods and a higher calorie count is best. Focus on consuming the Blast 30 minutes following a workout, this does not replace a meal but is an additional way to get added nutrients after a hard workout. Here are some great recipes -

You can use the Tall cup for post-workout Blasts focusing on 16-24 ounce Blasts.

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