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Does NutriBlasting cause insomnia?

Since I started smoothies, I have insomnia. Spinach, blackberries, pineapple, banana. Help! Tired! I awaken in the middle of the night and am wide awake. It takes a while to get back to sleep and I am exhausted. What do I need to change in my smoothies? I was gifted a Nutribullet for my birthday and I love it, love the energy I had with the very first one and I quickly noticed that at 11 o'clock at night, I still had energy. I would eventually get to sleep and wake up about two to three hours later and be wide awake. It has been ten (10) days and I am exhausted.

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2 years ago

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Not getting enough sleep is frustrating; I totally understand. However, I'm not sure that drinking a smoothie made from whole foods is causing this unless you are possibly using an ingredient that contains caffeine. While Blasting has been said to improve energy levels, it has also helped people get higher quality sleep. Now that doesn't sound like the case for you. A few suggestions....
- Don't drink a NutriBlast within 3 hours before bedtime
- Choose lower sugar ingredients so that you don't get a huge blood sugar rush which may lead to a surge in energy
- Try some ingredients that have been shown to help you sleep well. Here are recipes as well as other lifestyle tips for overcoming difficulty sleeping:
- If Blasting gives you energy, you may want to have it for Breakfast instead of later in the day

Hope some of those tips help!
Thank you. I only consume the smoothie for breakfast and often times, I will drink half today and the other half tomorrow. I don't drink them in the afternoon or before bed. I have been reading about the nutritional makeup spinach and it does have a very powerful energy boost. I am curious if I am getting too much spinach and need to adjust my smoothie. I am naturally very healthy and have rarely had trouble sleeping. So, my concern is that the insomnia began with my inception of these smoothies as this is the only thing I have done differently in the last couple of weeks. If you have additional info, please share. Thank you.

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