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Why am I feeling nauseous after blast this past week even though I've been using it for months?

I blast every 2nd morning, drinking about 2/3 of the tall glass as I leave the rest for my partner. Stomach sore for 3-4 hours after consumption. I haven't added any new ingredients and have never had any digestive issues. This morning I used 2 handfuls of kale, a banana. some pineapple, 8 purple grapes, 2 blackberries, 1 tablespoon goji berries, 1 tablespoon mixed nuts, 1 teaspoon mixed seeds and 1 teaspoon maca powder. I always mix up the fruit, veg & powders for each blast.

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2 years ago

Dietitian's Answer

Without understand the full extent of your medical history, it is difficult to diagnose or understand the full nature of your problems.We would recommend eliminating the Blast recipes for a few days, and seek medical advice from your doctor. Your diet can be effected by various items including the environment and stressors.

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