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Wife is MHMR patient (med. caused weight gain & pre-diabetis--High tryglesarids). Thyroid med. also.

Wife is Mental Health Patient (takes Depakote-D.R.; Venlafaxine; Olanzapine; clonazepam). Other meds. are Levothyroxine; lovastatin; metformin; levetiracetam; plus items for constipation. One med. caused large weight gain and pre-diabetis and high
chlorestrol. What is best for her (keeping from being diabetic and lowering triglerides and not interfering with her medications.
I just purchased the RX machine.

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2 years ago

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Your wife seems to have a lot of medications that needs to be carefully managed. Without your wife's full dosage and complete list of prescription, we recommend asking your local dietitian to help you make sure she is staying on tract. Foods like dark leafy greens contain things like goitrogens that can affect how thyroid medications work. We recommend that you speak with someone who works closely with your wife's conditions.

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