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How does weight loss occur from extracting 50% greens and 50% fruit and a boost like chia seeds?

And how do I know how many calories and fat I'm consuming from these ingredients? And is it just the principle of eating healthy that will cause weight loss as a by-product? I need to lose 30 pounds from my 5'2" frame. And most of my extra weight is toxic abdominal fat. Thanks.

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2 years ago

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Weight loss is a complex topic with many contributing factors and is individualized for each person. In general, eating a low sugar, hypo-caloric, high protein and high fiber diet with plenty of healthy fats will help aid weight loss. This type of eating program is free from fast food and processed packaged foods that spike blood sugar and leave one feeling hungry. The Six Week Transformation Plan outlines a healthy meal plan that has helped several people lose weight. This is a good place to start and then adjust according to your personal needs.

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